Animal Success Stories
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We came to LAWS to adopt a pet cat as our previous one had passed away. When we arrived, a black cat named Merlyn (now Bernie) followed us around while we looked at other cats and was very friendly & playful. The next day he was adopted and LAWS also clipped his nails and gave us a bag of food for him to eat. Since adopting Bernie he has been well behaved and gets VERY excited whe a can of fancy feast gets opened. Even if he is asleep he will hear the can open and come running to gobble it up. Bernie is not very vocal or afriad like some cats, he is very calm and relaxed and his favorite thing to do is cuddle and be pet.

-Nancy & Sean

Lynn Hill

Hello! I adopted Lynn Hill on Valentine’s Day this year and I wanted to give a short update. She is the sweetest cat and has stolen everyone’s hearts. Lynn loves sneak attacking her big sister’s tail; hiding out around the house waiting for her to walk by. She has already figured out that she’s the boss and uses her sassy energy to get what she wants. Lynn will yell at you when she wants attention & she always gets what she wants! She loves her big sister; cuddling with her at the foot of the bed every night. True to her name she enjoys climbing on everything, even up our legs when she wants to be held! We could not have chosen a more perfect addition to our family. 


Raven (now Boo) is doing great!  Reggie is the other pet in the household, and they are technically sisters. It took some time, but they get along well now and even nap together from time to time.  They enjoy the finer things in life like relaxing cuddles and playing with their favorite toy, the laser pointer.



I cannot fully express how grateful I am to LAWS for assisting in the adoption of my cat Pumpkin. During the week of Halloween in 2018, I found her on my porch meowing endlessly. She was clearly not a street cat and had been begging for food from my neighbors and I for a day or so. It was starting to get colder at night and I worried about her safety. Unfortunately, at the time my landlord had a strict policy forbidding pets and when I asked about adopting her, he asked me not to take her in. I contacted LAWS and even in the midst of a very large cat rescue operation during that time they were able to help me get her off the streets. I was able to bring her in and they gave her a safe place to be. I actively tried to find a home for her and they listed her for adoption, but the only catch was she does not get along with other kitties so finding the right family to adopt her was a challenge. About five months passed and I felt as if she would never find a forever home – I should add a big thanks to her foster parent who kept her comfortable! I reached out to my landlord again on a whim and asked if he might re-consider, much to my surprise he did and I couldn't have been happier! I contacted LAWS immediately and put in a request to adopt her (I had already completed paperwork long ago in case such an opportunity occurred) – a day later she was home with me. Ever since that day we have grown to become wonderful companions and she is the most playful, confident and intriguing cat I have ever met. I love her extra toes, her sassiness, and her ability to express herself with a variety of vocal talents. She's not really much of a lap cat, but she is very social and wants to be a part of everything that goes on around the house. I have never had a cat in my life so I think she is very patient with my learning curve and consistently demonstrates all the traits of a feminist feline – independent, courageous and compassionate. One last interesting tid-bit, shortly after I adopted Pumpkin, I posted about it on social media. Much to my surprise a previous owner reached out to me and said they were relieved she had found a good home. Apparently Pumpkin had once been their cat and their kids were a little temperamental with her. They had given her to a "friend," who eventually moved away and released her out onto the streets. Considering Pumpkin has such an interesting look and personality I was shocked anyone would be able to let her go! None the less, I'm glad that she wandered onto my porch and snuck into my apartment that one Halloween night, otherwise I would have never been acquainted with my best feline friend.

Pumpkin now enjoys warm cat naps on her bench by my living room window, practicing her predatory skills with all her favorite things on a string, and chatting endlessly with my friends and I. She has an opinion about everything!”




Just wanted to give an update on Nyette (we changed her name to Nya). We adopted her on March 27th. She is adapting well. She loves to play, especially with all of our hair ties! She is sweet and cuddly and we are so happy to have her as part of our family. She is doing well with our dog. They don’t play together yet, but Nya let’s our dog give her kisses. Mickey was great in helping us adopt her, especially because of the current state of the world.

Thanks again!

The McDonald Family

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